Meet the iCare Board

Executive Director, LCG iCare Foundation


“I am honored to serve LCG employees during times of adversity and have the opportunity to give back to those who give so much. The role that child care providers play in the lives of children and families they support is critical and requires dedication, compassion, and benevolence. I look forward to expanding our ability to support such employees facing personal hardships.”

Emily Pipesh joined the LCG iCare Foundation in February 2022 as Executive Director. In collaboration with the Board of Directors, her focus is to carry out the foundation’s mission through programming, strategic planning, and community outreach.

In her previous role with the Michigan Parkinson Foundation, Emily served as Director of Programs. She was responsible for administering and evaluating financial assistance programs designed to increase the quality of life for people affected by Parkinson’s. Her position also included providing psychosocial health education, strategic planning, fundraising, and linking constituents to community-based resources.

Prior to that, Emily worked in case management for MORC, Inc., where she advocated for individuals receiving public mental health services. She assisted individuals in developing a support plan to address their daily needs and long-term goals, including living arrangements, life skills and community integration, education, and employment.

While attending graduate school, Emily had the opportunity to serve as a student research assistant and supported several grant-funded programs designed to empower disenfranchised youth and their families.

A metro Detroit native, Emily holds a master’s degree in Social Work from Wayne State University and a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Oakland University. She is a fully licensed clinical social worker. In her spare time, Emily enjoys serving as co-leader of her daughter’s Girl Scout troop and volunteering with a local Meals on Wheels program.

Board of Directors

Meet the LCG employees and team members who volunteer their personal time, expertise, and compassion to support and advance the charitable mission of the LCG iCare Foundation. 

Lisa Miskimins

LCG iCare Foundation: President
LCG Role: Senior Vice President, Operations
LCG Tenure: 37 years

Educating children and mentoring our dedicated early education professionals has been my life’s work. I’m proud to represent this foundation and the contributions it makes to those that care and educate our future.

Courtney Scott

LCG iCare Foundation: Vice President
LCG Role: Director, HR Operations
LCG Tenure: 22 years

“Our teachers enrich the lives of children and support families throughout a child’s developmental journey, including some of life’s most difficult times. I’m grateful to be part of offering teachers a path to support when they need it too.”  

Andrew Stowe

LCG iCare Foundation: Treasurer
LCG Role: Financial Analyst
LCG Tenure: 5 years

“I’m proud to be a part of a foundation that makes a difference in the LCG community. Assisting individuals who dedicate their lives to the education and care of children is so important and I’m happy to be a part of that mission.”

Heather Vucinaj

LCG iCare Foundation: Secretary
LCG Role: Business Development Manager
LCG Tenure: 5 years

“Our employees bring a great amount of dedication and passion to their jobs every day. Having the opportunity to support them in their times of need through this foundation is an absolute honor and completely necessary to make them feel supported in not only their roles, but in their lives as a whole.”

Sean Sondreal

LCG iCare Foundation: Board Member
LCG Role: Chief Marketing Officer
LCG Tenure: 6 years

“It has been an honor to play a role in bringing this foundation to life and providing an avenue for employees to help fellow employees when they need it most. It’s exciting to see the amazing work that the LCG community is doing through the foundation!”

Lisa Sauve

LCG iCare Foundation: Board Member
LCG Role: Senior Creative Director
LCG Tenure: 8 years

“My philosophy is that there is more happiness in giving than receiving. Assisting our own employees in a time of crisis can bring peace of mind and make life better. Kindness should be contagious and helping others makes this world a better place.”

Cori King

LCG iCare Foundation: Board Member
LCG Role: Sr. Manager, IT PMO
LCG Tenure: 4 years

“I’m proud to serve on a board that supports and strengthens the lives of our LCG employees. They are molding the lives of the children they care for, and I’m thankful the iCare Foundation can support and comfort them in their time of need.”

Caroline Maese

LCG iCare Foundation: Board Member
LCG Role: Region Manager, Florida
LCG Tenure: 32 years

“I’m so proud of our organization for establishing this foundation and very excited to be a part of assisting our incredible associates who do such important work.”

Carole Bilak

LCG iCare Foundation: Board Member
LCG Role: HR Operations Coordinator
LCG Tenure: 5 years

“I am so proud to be a part of a company that goes the extra mile to take care of our employee’s when unexpected life situations happen. It is an honor to serve on our board, supporting our employees and letting them know, they are never alone.”

Heather Seymour

LCG iCare Foundation: Board Member
LCG Role: Federal Food Coordinator
LCG Tenure: 22 years

“It feels amazing to work for a company who cares so deeply for their employees and helps them as they are facing their most difficult times. I am blessed to have the opportunity to give back. At the end of the day it is all about people helping people.”

Angie Cline

LCG iCare Foundation: Board Member
LCG Role: Director of Operations
LCG Tenure: 21 years

“I’m a big believer in neighbor helping neighbor and this foundation is a great example of what the LCG community can do when we come together for a common cause.”

Emily Paffenroth

LCG iCare Foundation: Board Member
LCG Role: Policy and Procedure Manager
LCG Tenure: 1 year

“The dedication that LCG employees bring to our schools every day is unparalleled. I am honored to be able to contribute to a cause that can provide support to them in a time of crisis. We are a community, and we will take care of each other.”

Megan Troxler

LCG iCare Foundation: Board Member
LCG Role: PMO Project Manager
LCG Tenure: 14 years

“Our field employees are the backbone of what makes LCG such a great place for families, children, and staff. There is a sense of community in the field that can be felt by the entire organization. I am proud to be part of the iCare Foundation to further support and strengthen our team.”

Danielle Alexander

LCG iCare Foundation: Board Member
LCG Role: Region Manger
LCG Tenure: 20 years

“I am constantly inspired by all the people at LCG who display an extreme passion for children, families, and the company’s overall success. I’m proud to represent iCare and the contributions it makes to those who work tirelessly to support our mission. I hope to help strengthen the foundation’s overall reach.”

John Hollo

LCG iCare Foundation: Board Member
LCG Role: Vice President, Facilities and Construction
LCG Tenure: 7 years

“The opportunity to help people in a time of need, especially those that work to make a difference in the lives of children and their families, is humbling and fulfilling. I’ve seen firsthand how this foundation and our donors come together, and I am inspired by what can be accomplished!”

Financial Reports

The LCG iCare Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, exempt from federal income tax. EIN #81-0683487. Financial reports are available for review below for donors and the general public:

2021 IRS Form 990

2020 IRS Form 990

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Foundation Bylaws

The LCG iCare Foundation is a nonprofit organization governed by specific bylaws which outline the purpose, power, and board membership for the foundation. Foundation Bylaws are available for review by those interested in volunteering with the foundation.