Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request assistance?

If you’ve experienced a setback due to severe hardship or an emergency need and could benefit from extra financial support, please complete our online request form and someone from the iCare team will contact you.

Who can receive assistance?

If an LCG Field or Support Central team member finds themselves facing a financial need arising from severe hardship or emergency circumstances that qualify for assistance, we would like to help. Such situations include a natural disaster (flood, tornado, etc.), fire, domestic abuse, funeral costs (employee, spouse, domestic partner, or child), and potential eviction or foreclosure. Additional resources may also be provided in addition to or in lieu of a grant.

What type of assistance is covered?

The iCare Foundation aims to assist with immediate needs arising from a severe hardship or emergency circumstance. Each qualifying life event will be handled individually. In general, help would potentially be available for temporary housing, loss of personal belongings, funeral expenses or services related to burial, etc. If such assistance is already covered by insurance reimbursement, financial support through the foundation would not be provided. Additional resources may be shared in lieu of a grant.

What type of information will I need to provide?
Financial assistance from the LCG iCare Foundation is intended to meet a genuine financial emergency. To help us determine the level of support we can provide, we’ll collect information from each applicant including total household income, essential household expenses, etc.
How much assistance can I receive?

Currently, the average amount of each grant is approximately $2,000. Employees are eligible to receive a maximum grant allowance of $5,000 within a 24-month period and a maximum grant allowance of $10,000 for the full duration of employment with Learning Care Group. Maximum grant amounts and allowances will be reviewed on an annual basis.

What if I know of someone in need of assistance?

The best and most efficient way for us to evaluate the need for an iCare grant is for the employee to contact us directly. If you know of someone within the Learning Care Group community who may qualify for assistance, please encourage them to visit this website to start the application process. Questions can be emailed to the foundation at If we are notified of someone in need, we will do our best to reach out and start a conversation. All communications between the LCG iCare Foundation and employees in need will be kept strictly confidential.

Will my identity and information I provide be kept confidential?

Yes! All information and documentation shared with the foundation will be treated as private and confidential. Information will only be shared outside of the foundation with the applicant’s express consent, when necessary, to provide appropriate financial assistance.

Can you answer questions regarding my employment with Learning Care Group?

No, we cannot. The LCG iCare Foundation is a separate entity from Learning Care Group and we do not have information regarding the terms and conditions of your employment.

How can I contribute to the LCG iCare Foundation?

Thanks for asking! There are several ways for you to support the cause. The easiest and most consistent way is through bi-weekly payroll contributions. You can sign-up to become an iCare Champion at any time. You can also participate or donate to our annual Golf Invitational or other relief drives throughout the year. Visit our How to Help page to explore all options.

Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

All one-time donations made by check, money order, or credit card—and accompanied by name/address—will received a receipt from the foundation. All weekly contributions made through a payroll deduction will be noted on your annual W-2 form from Learning Care Group.