Go casual. Give back.

Interested in Participating in our Casual for a Cause Program?


As child care professionals, we dedicate our lives to the education and care of children. And at the LCG iCare Foundation, we care—for those who care. We assist Learning Care Group associates in times of need, should they experience an unexpected crisis or tragic event.

We invite you to share this mission with us by participating in our Casual for a Cause program with an ongoing donation through a payroll deduction—the easiest, most consistent way to support the LCG iCare Foundation.

Employees participating in Casual for a Cause will be able to follow our jeans casual program. You’ll have the opportunity to wear jeans as part of your everyday business-casual attire, while maintaining an overall professional appearance. Note: Full guidelines are available in the Support Central Employee Handbook.

To enroll in Casual for a Cause or increase/change your deduction:
Download the form below and email it to the Payroll Department.

Recommended donation: $5 per week, or $10 per pay period. Your payroll deductions are tax-deductible contributions.

Thank you for your support!