Denim for iCare

Wear jeans on Fridays!
Join the Denim for iCare Program.


As child care professionals, we dedicate our lives to the education and care of children, often making personal sacrifices to be there for the children in LCG’s care. The iCare Foundation aids our associates who may experience an unexpected crisis or tragic event. Want to contribute? We’re now offering our Denim for iCare program to all school staff and management and district team members.

In recognition of your support, employees participating in Denim for iCare can wear jeans each and every Friday. All other dress code guidelines are still required, including uniform shirts. See additional details in the Employee Handbook.

We hope to raise $250,000 in 2018 for the iCare Foundation through Denim for iCare and other fundraising efforts. With a recommended $1 per week donation ($2 per pay period), we can easily achieve this goal!

To participate, complete the Denim for iCare enrollment form:

Once you complete your online enrollment in the Denim for iCare program, you can start wearing jeans on Friday and take pride in knowing you’re supporting the LCG community.

Thank you for your support!