Who We Help

Tragedy can strike anyone, at any time. Often, it’s an unforeseen situation or life event beyond our immediate control. Those experiencing severe financial or emotional hardship know how difficult it is to ask for help. That’s where the LCG iCare Foundation comes in.

We want our dedicated, passionate employees to know we’re here to help. The foundation exists to lessen the resulting financial burden of such circumstances, so our work family can feel supported as they heal and return feeling refreshed and hopeful.


If you and your family have been displaced, temporarily or permanently, by a house fire and there is a loss of personal belongings, we can provide assistance for basic items such as food, clothing, furniture, temporary lodging, etc., for items not reimbursed by insurance.

LCG Employee Death

In an effort to provide financial support, we will provide a grant to the family of any employee who passes away while employed by Learning Care Group.

Domestic Abuse

If you are fleeing an abusive and/or violent situation and need immediate financial assistance to do so, please contact us directly.

Eviction Prevention

Assistance may be provided when there is the possibility of eviction, foreclosure, or loss of primary residence when an employee is past due more than 45 days on rent or mortgage payments.

If the residence is in your name or your spouse/domestic partner’s name and if you have evidence that payments have been made for at least 90 days prior to this extenuating circumstance that caused you to get behind in your payments, then you may be eligible.

Natural Disaster

(flood, tornado, hurricane, wildfire, etc.)

We provide solidarity and aid for catastrophic natural events that cause great damage and human suffering where victims cannot alleviate without support where victims cannot alleviate the financial burden without support. Assistance is provided on an individual basis for basic items such as food, clothing, furniture, temporary lodging, etc., for items not reimbursed by insurance.

Funeral Costs

In the event of a death, of an immediate or extended family member, we can provide financial assistance. Your individual travel expenses may also be provided for the funeral of an immediate or extended family member. We are sensitive to the beliefs and traditions regarding funeral and burial customs and will be conscientious to balance overall costs.

Utility Assistance (Pilot Program)

Assistance may be provided when essential household utility shutoff notice(s) has been received, including gas, electric, and/or water bills. Utilities considered to be non-essential, such as TV service, internet, or cell phone, are not included as part of this qualifying event.

Assistance, up to the grant maximum, may be provided to bring the employee’s utility payments up to date. Documentation of financial hardship must be provided, and the applicant must show evidence of good faith payments made for 90 days prior to the emergency.

Am I eligible for assistance?

LCG team members who are currently employed, in good standing, and have worked a minimum of 90 days with Learning Care Group are eligible to apply for and request assistance. Eligibility exceptions may be made in response to a natural disaster.

Click here to take our eligibility questionnaire to see if you might qualify for an iCare grant.


How much support is available?

We have the potential ability to provide a maximum grant allowance of up to $5,000 within a 24-month period. The maximum grant allowance for the full duration of employment with Learning Care Group is set at $10,000. Maximum grant amounts and allowances will be reviewed on an annual basis.

Don’t see your situation?

We are here to help. Contact the LCG iCare Foundation directly at info@lcgfoundation.org to explain your circumstances. Our goal is to assist in stabilizing the financial situations of all employees in need.